When Pigs Fly Ranch

The Inspiration That Started It All

It all started with a pig. I met Piggy on Thanksgiving Day, 2016, and I fell instantly in love! She won my heart from the start, even though I hadn’t even touched a pig before. She was alone all day with little interaction, but I knew that she was a loving girl. After talking to her owner, we decided to build her a place where she could live out her life, with room for more animals in need. This is how When Pigs Fly Ranch was born. 


Happy, Healthy Animals

We are driven and passionate about providing loving care to our animals with honesty, integrity, and positive treatment. Our small sanctuary provides a high-level of focus, with lots of one-on-one interactions and hands-on care for the animals. Our beautiful location is rich with resources to provide pigs the best experience, with the perfect balance of sunny, open spaces and comfortable shady spaces.

We provide healthy pig pellets, fresh veggies and fruits, along with vitamins, nutrients and supplements daily. All of the pigs have access to large wallows for them to cool off and eliminate pesky bugs. Reach out to us for more information!