Tech4U, born from Bayron's dedication, specializes in cutting-edge residential and commercial audiovisual installations. The company's offerings include tailored solutions for home audio, smart home automation, and corporate audiovisual setups. From creating immersive home environments to delivering seamless audiovisual experiences for events, high-end weddings, and social gatherings, Tech4U is at the forefront of transforming spaces through technology.

Bayron's commitment to excellence is reflected in Tech4U's mission—to elevate audiovisual possibilities and bring innovative solutions to clients. Based in Sebastopol, California, Tech4U thrives on blending expertise, creativity, and the latest technology to shape unparalleled audiovisual journeys.

Beyond the tech realm, Bayron enjoys pursuits like basketball, mountain biking, car modifications, and staying ahead of the curve with the latest technological developments. Tech4U, under Bayron's guidance, continues to push boundaries and redefine the audiovisual landscape.