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Rainbow Cattle Company

Welcome to the Rainbow Cattle Company, everyone’s good time saloon, located on Main Street, Guerneville, California, at the Russian River.

The Rainbow started back in 1979 when a man named Hans opened this Main Street Bar in the middle of downtown. Hans, who owned many bars in San Francisco, wanted The Rainbow to serve the new gay tourists who were coming to the Redwood Forest to relax and party. Maybe it was the mixing of Hans’ personal touch with the beautiful Sonoma County countryside and the unstoppable Russian River Bohmeian Spirit – but a legend was born!

Since it opened its doors in 1979, The Rainbow has been a Northern California party destination – serving up endless good times.

Maybe it’s the rustic interior paneling that has soaked up over 35 years of festive cocktails, laughter and heavy cruising. Maybe it’s the warm smiles on familiar faces, or the sparkle in some new eyes before you kiss. Or maybe it’s just about building a loving community together with our straight friends and neighbors.