Welcome to our New Board Members

Yvette Bidegain: Saucy Mama’s Pop-Up 

I am one of nine kids, born and raised in West County. When you are from a big family, that is where you first learn to be a team player. Sharing, disagreements, bouncing ideas off each other were all things I learned growing up that would be used in my adult life. Being able to accept all the different attitudes and personalities teaches patience and perseverance. 

I started working for the Department of Transportation at the age of 18. I worked my way up the ladder. My last position prior to retiring was running a Traffic Management Center which is a 24/7 operation that I helped build from the ground up. I oversaw 25+ employees. I was responsible for training, meetings, scheduling, hiring and any events for 18 years. I then retired, with 36 years of State service. I retired early to follow my passion and started catering and then my pop-up restaurant Saucy Mama’s Soul Food. All my experiences have taught me how to work in a group as well as have my own independence. I am a people person. I listen to others and what they need and try my best to help if I can. I enjoy planning events/parties from beginning to end. 

I am very active in our community. I like being of service and paying it forward. I have helped in the homeless shelter many times and love assisting in Give Back Tuesdays. Doing the community dinners in Monte Rio has been very rewarding for me. With all of that I have done in life the best job I ever had is being a Mother and Grandma. I truly believe being a parent prepared me for most of my challenges I faced in my work life. 

Everything I do in life I want to inspire and encourage. I thrive when a challenge is presented to me. 

Will not stop until I have mastered something. I am someone who will challenge the status quo. I feel with me being on the Chamber Board working with the team, I can do just that! 

Laura Kay Tew: Sonoma West Publishers 

I have enjoyed a career in newspaper marketing for the last 27 years. My experience working with a diverse group of businesses, organizations and individuals has given me the opportunity to create prosperous, professional relationships within my local communities. As a new resident to Guerneville, my goal is to help collaborate with the Chamber and business community to revitalize, refresh, and renew the spirit of success which lies at the heart of our town. Previously I owned a training franchise from Leadership Management Inc. specializing in personal and professional leadership development. Motivating teams to achieve their goals first begins with developing a strong leadership team and mission statement. If you are looking for a positive, passionate professional willing to face adversity with a solution-oriented attitude, then vote for me, Laura Kay Tew as a member of the Russian River Chamber. 

Glenn Dixon: Glenn Dixon, Consultant 

With experience in the Russian River, Healdsburg area in hospitality and winery businesses for the last 32 years, I bring a unique perspective to the chamber’s board of directors as well as the membership. I served on the Russian River Chamber of Commerce board during my early years when I owned the Highland Dell Hotel in the late 1980 and through the 1990’s. More recently I have spent the last 20 years in the winery hospitality as General Manager for a group of 6 small family wineries included in my responsibilities, was wine clubs, special events, hospitality, and administration. I am now serving as the CFO at the R3 Hotel in a consultant position. I believe my knowledge in tourism in the form Russian River Region, regional tourism organization, a forerunner to Sonoma County Tourism offers an opportunity to show the past and provide a map to the future of what the chamber must become in this new landscape of tourism. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the members in one of these positions available. 

Deborah Moss: Owner, Quiche and Carry Catering 

First, I would be a fresh set of eyes. I bought a house here over a year ago but had been looking for 15 years so I am very familiar with Guerneville. I am very interested and committed to Guerneville. I am a successful businesswoman. I have a catering company called Quiche and Carry. It has taught me directness, sales, marketing, management, and the ability to work very well with others. I’m excellent with numbers and coming up with good ideas. And I’m a very hard worker. I am committed to making this community prosperous and safe. 

Andre Vazquez: River Inn Grill

Our family has been part of the Russian River community for over 25 years. Consistent and reliable on our services to the community. Difficult challenges here on the river these past few years but with the help of our family and employees we are blessed to continue providing our food to the community 

Larry Boeger: Timberline Restaurant 

I’ve been a bar, restaurant owner for many years and currently 4 years at Timberline … I’ve been a community activist since the 1980s with several organizations. I live and work owned businesses in the community and have since the 80s. I’d like to see the Chamber pay closer attention to actual every day promotion of local business and reach out to the business community at large to include a greater array of businesses who currently are not members. Better cohesion with in the community is needed to address issues with the current health and tourism concerns. There are so many demands being put on local business owners with little or no help as to resource and enforcement of these demands. I’d like to see a better relationship with county as how to accomplish many of these concerns affecting our day to day business.. and I’d like to see the business community really come together in mass and call attention on how County decisions are affecting how we conduct and operate our businesses