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Rohatsu Sesshin: Seven Day Meditation Retreat

December 6 @ 2:00 pm - December 14 @ 12:30 pm

Rocks & Clouds Zendo

Rohatsu Sesshin
7-Day Retreat
With Daniel Terragno Roshi
December 8-15, 2019

Shakyamuni Buddha, seeing the morning star, realized enlightenment.
He said, “I and all sentient beings awaken together at the same time.”

Rohatsu Sesshin is traditionally held each year in early December to commemorate Shakyamuni Buddha’s enlightenment. We sit intimately together with the Buddha and Ancestors as winter’s luminous darkness approaches. Turning the light around we see our own nature, which is empty nature, and realize Buddhahood.

This 7-day residential retreat will be held in western Sonoma County (details to follow). Plan to arrive around 5 pm on Friday, December 6th, to get settled in. A light supper will be served at 6 pm, followed by orientation and an evening program beginning at 7 pm. The final day of sesshin will end after cleanup around 2 pm on Friday, December 14th.

Part time attendance is also available. Please notify the registrar which days you plan to attend. She will call you to discuss arrival time and other details.

If you have not previously sat with us on Wednesday evenings or attended a full or half-day Zazenkai at Rocks & Clouds Zendo, please contact the Registrar prior to registration.

The daily schedule begins with wake-up at 4:30 am. Morning tea is served in the Zendo at 4:55 am. Zazen begins at 5 am. An evening ceremony ends the day at 9:30 pm.

There will be zazen periods throughout the day, as well dokusan with Daniel Terragno Roshi, chanting, work-practice, exercise and rest periods. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served Oryoki-style in the Zendo.

Wear loose comfortable clothing in dark subdued colors without logos or patterns that may distract others. No tank tops or shorts please. Bring your sleeping bag, personal toiletries, towel and wash cloth, oryoki bowls (if you have them), a flashlight. Be prepared for rain.

Please notify the Registrar if you have any food allergies or other special needs.

$80/day for full time attendance
$40/day for part time attendance
Traditional Dana donation for the teacher is not included in the cost.

Register online at http://rocksandclouds.eventbrite.com/
Or mail check to:
Rocks and Clouds Zendo
618 South Main Street
Sebastopol, CA 95472
(Please call or email registrar to let her know you mailed a check. Thank You!)

Registrar – Gregory Wonderwheel
email wonderwheel@pon.net – tel 707-526-2867

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