Keary and Sally Bio

By Keary Sorenson

Sally is a rat. I’m an 89 earthquake transplant We started picking up marine debris in Sonoma coast state park in 92Joined the Farallones national Marine Sanctuary in 2003, Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods, the Marine Mammal Center, the California Academy of Sciences and the Ocean Conservancy in 2004.

While volunteering for these entities we were instrumental in changing the thinking on plastic from ocean born to land born and started cleaning the Russian river then. we were also the people who discovered and helped prove animal transference due to the warming of the ocean along the western coast of the United States. For this work, we were given congressional awards.

We also performed marine mammal and avian necropsies and helped prove 3 different types of cancers in California sea lions due to plastics in the ocean, and that sperm whales get the bends. We were also instrumental in passing the marine life protection areas and the permanent closing of the sardine fishery to save the California sea lion.

9 years ago we bought the company that I worked for, Everclean Restoration North.  8 years ago We met Chris Brokate on his first advertised cleanup and became extremely active in the Clean River Alliance.

While volunteering for this we noticed that no one was emptying the garbage cans downtown, so we started not only emptying but steaming and sanitizing once a week, we also noticed that people were repulsed by the unsanitary condition of the plaza during the summer concerts so we clean the plaza once a week also.

The historic Guerneville bridge is also a tourist destination in town so we patrol the bridge once a week for trash and fecal matter, the homeless population fouls the sidewalks so we hunt the repulsiveness and steam it down. We also steam off and sanitize the bases of the stoplights at Armstrong and main that the towns dogs mark. During COVID 19 the restaurants on Main Street started serving food on the sidewalk so we steam their dining areas to keep the odor from food residue down. 

Author: RUSSIAN RIVER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Published on 11-13-2020