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The Russian River Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Centers is seeking a dynamic, skilled, community-focused individual for the position of Executive Director. This position will lead the strategic vision and mission of the Chamber in collaboration with the Board of Directors. Key areas of responsibility and the full job description are below. Salary range of $50,000 to $60,000 a year depending on qualifications and benefits. Qualified candidates are encouraged to submit a cover letter, resume, and at least 3 professional references by August 15  via email to, EOE.

POSITION:                 Executive Director

REPORTS TO:           President of the Board / Executive Committee for the Board of Directors

GENERAL FUNCTION: The Executive Director is responsible for management of the organization and its full range of activities. The Executive Director is responsible for managing day-to-day Chamber’s functions, collaborating with the Board on strategic direction and financial management, and carrying out policies established by the Board.

Leads membership of the Chamber toward its mission of ”promoting the general welfare and prosperity of the Russian River business community” through marketing, advocacy, networking, and program development.

Scope of Work:


  • Marketing: Markets the member businesses and the lower Russian River to visitors. Markets the Chamber to members and potential members.
  • Advocacy: representing the Chamber and the lower Russian River region to Government, Media, and Industry to draw in engagement, resources, and positive
  • Networking: Creating opportunities for members to network with each other to grow their businesses, networking with government leaders, business and cultural institution leaders, and the local tourism industry
  • Program Development: growing member programs that help our members thrive
  • Fundraising: bringing in grant funds, sponsorship, event income, program revenue, membership revenue, and donations to enable the Chamber to thrive.
  • Grants management: implementing grants after researching, writing, and securing grant funds.
  • Board Management: informing, strategizing with, and developing Chamber actions in collaboration with the Board.
  • Operational Management: effective administration of staff, volunteers, and operations of the Chamber and Visitor Centers offices.


Professional Requirements:

The candidate must possess a broad spectrum of skills and will have a breadth of management and marketing experience that will inspire confidence among the Board of Directors, the business community, and community stakeholders. The following traits and experience are sought in the optimal candidate:

  • Solid marketing/ communications experience; outstanding written and verbal skills coupled with the ability to influence others in a positive manner while accurately presenting the Chamber’s position on a variety of issues.
  • A demonstrated ability to establishing productive relationships with members and/or small to mid-sized businesses.
  • Experience at understanding the demands placed upon various businesses and the ability to provide programs that will benefit them and the Chamber
  • A strong understanding of the diverse institutions (private, public and governmental), that affect the business community
  • Ability to research community issues and assist in promoting community consensus.
  • Experience managing staff and financials
  • Comfortable using software such as wordpress, excel, quickbooks, mailchimp, payment processing and Office.
  • A proven successful track record of leadership in a community through involvement and participation in various organizations; the ability to speak effectively before a Board of Directors, governmental agencies, and business and civic organizations is a critical skill for this position

Professional Responsibilities:

Administration of Chamber of Commerce

  1. Directs and coordinates activities concerned with administration of the Chamber in accordance with Board of Directors standards and expectations.
  2. Interprets and carries out Board policies.
  3. Anticipates and analyzes major issues, outlines alternative courses of action, and makes recommendations to the Board based on sound information and legal and fiscal considerations.
  4. Supports Board committees, collaborating with them on program development, carrying out programs developed by the committees, reaching out to them for expertise and support in Chamber marketing and activities.

Member Leadership

  1. Get to know your membership and maintain ongoing communication
  2. Identification, development, evaluation and improvement of the membership programs.
  3. Continuous membership recruitment and retention, resulting in ongoing growth of the membership.

Finance and Business Administration

  1. Work with the Finance committee to create the annual budget based on annual goals, established programs, and input from Board Committees.
  2. Works in conjunction with Office Manager and accountant to supervise and oversee all Chamber fiscal operations, financial record keeping, and budget development.
  3. Plans and carries out the efficient use of the Chamber’s budget.
  4. Understands, interprets and communicates Chamber budget issues to the Board, staff and members.

Staff and Personnel Management

  1. Recruits, hires/terminates, trains, motivates and manages staff (both paid and volunteer personnel).
  2. Maintains effective communications with staff and manages conflict skillfully.
  3. Supervises full range of activities in the Visitor Centers.

Tourism and Marketing

  1. Develops and implements strategies and programs that increase awareness of the lower Russian River’s culture, history, arts, spa, lodging, dining, wineries, entertainment and special events.
  2. Assists in the development and management of a positive “visitor experience” concept for the Visitor Center.
  3. Direct the fundraising and production process to provide online and print collateral materials including the website, social media, annual map and membership directory, wine map.
  4. Coordinate and implement brand strategy with Sonoma County Tourism, the Economic Development Board, and member businesses.

Community Relations

  1. Maintains a high level of visibility in the community, the Chamber site and all Chamber-related activities.
  2. Effective spokesperson for the Chamber with the community, news media and other agencies.
  3. Cooperates with other community agencies while representing the best interests of the Chamber.
  4. Actively develop, foster, and maintain relationships with all stakeholders, especially the Board of Supervisors.
  5. Media relations – press releases, story placement, and interviewee.

Relationship with the Board

  1. Informs and advises the Board about the programs, activities, and practices of the Chamber.
  2. Solicits with individual Board member ideas, suggestions, and expertise through committee or Board meetings
  3. Monitors and assists committees of the Board.
  4. Provides written monthly reports to the Board along with recommendations.
  5. Maintains harmonious working relationship with the Board as a whole and with individual Board members.

Chamber Facilities and Equipment

Analyzes and recommends long-range Chamber facilities and equipment needs and requirements and establishes and implements plans to meet identified needs.


Personal Characteristics:

The following are important characteristic sought in a successful candidate:

  • Energetic and enthusiastic; able to exude excitement about the Chamber’s services and programs; excellent in follow-through and commitment to results
  • Must be a “doer”, as well as a delegator;
  • Be able to understand, communicate and work within complex political and economic issues within the community and the county.
  • Possess polished people skills; strong and articulate communication skills; and have the capacity to command respect and credibility.
  • Be team-oriented with a participative style; confident; possess a native intelligence and intuition; and be capable of consistently thinking “outside the box” while maintaining sound business judgment.
  • Be entrepreneurial; exhilarated by growth and change; be able to reinvent ideas quickly; think effectively and quickly, and be adaptable, flexible and open-minded.
  • Possess proven leadership and management skills.
  • Have a credible and compelling style that inspires confidence.
  • Be a balanced individual, both personally and professionally, with a sense of humor and fun.
  • Several years of related experience
  • Knowledge of marketing, business theories, practices, and procedures
  • Knowledge of budget development
  • Excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and an ability to provide leadership
  • Experience in supervision with proven ability to recruit, train, and develop staff
  • Excellent computer and technology skills


Yes, that’s a lot! And this position offers a lot in return… Leadership of an inclusive and engaged community, support of a fantastic Board, a positive onboarding experience with training from the prior Executive Director.

Author: ELISEVANDYNE. Published on 07-23-2019
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