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Western Hills Garden is nestled among the towering redwoods in Occidental, California, near Bodega Bay and the wineries of the Russian River. The “landmark” garden has been extensively renovated.

The garden is open for public tours and plant sales on Saturdays from 10am to 4 pm during Spring / Summer 2017 and on Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment. $10/person admission.


July 2017: Summer bloom is on. The Coral Tree, Hydrangeas, and Mt. Aetna Broom are stars. The “Monkeyhand Trees” and Blue Puyas are still blooming.

The garden is blooming: abutilon, acanthus (“bear’s breeches”), aloe, alstromeria, anemopsis californica, angelica, anigozanthos (“kangaroo paws”), artemisia, berberis, bergenia, bidens, billbergia, boronia ‘Carousel’, Mt. Aetna broom, brugmansia, buddleia, callistemon (“pink bottlebrush”), calandrinia, campanula, canna, cestrum, chiranthodendron pentadactylon (“monkey hand”), cistus, clematis, clivia, correa, corylus, crinum, cuphea, dahlia, daylily, dichroa, dierama (“fairy fishing wand”), dietes grandiflora (“fortnight lily”), dychia, echium, euphorbia, filipendula, foxglove, fremontodendron, fuchsia (“Aborense” and others), geraniums (maderense and maculatum), geum, grasses (“Blue Fescue” and others), grevillea, hebe, helianthemum, heuchera, houttuynia, hydrangea, hypericum (“St. John’s Wort”), Himalayan impatiens, iochroma, knifophia, lamprocapnos (“bleeding heart”), Alexandrian laurel, lavender, leptospermum (“tea tree”), leucospermun, ‘Hercules’ lilies, Pitkin marsh lily, linaria, lithodora, lobelia, lonicera trifoliate, mackaya bella, macleaya cordata (“plume poppy”), mathiasella, matilija poppies, mullein, nicotiana, palms, tree peony, phlomis, phormium, physocarpus (“Ninebark”), pieris, polemonium (“Jacob’s ladder”), poppies, pulmonaria, blue puya (P. alpestris), rose campion, roses, rosemary, salvia, sarcococca, h. seemanii (“climbing hydrangeas”), senecio, silene, smoke bush, snapdragon, sweet pea, symphytum (“comfrey”), teucrium, tiarella, transcendentia, verbascum, verbena, viburnum, water lilies, watsonia, westringia.

Photos: Mt. Aetna Broom, Blue Puya, Mackaya Bella, Fortnight Lily.

Blue Puya at Western Hills Garden
Fortnight Lily at Western Hills Garden
Mt. Aetna Broom at Western Hills Garden

Western Hills Garden
Plant Sales

Western Hills Rare Plant Nursery has been in operation most of the last 50 years. We have expanded our propagation efforts in the last four years since reopening and have found suppliers for other favorites so that we can offer a collection of plants from the garden for sale.

We feature plants that are in the garden.

white wisteria
White wisteria—overlooking our event space.

We have nice specimens of the following in stock: Abutilons, Acer pentaphyllum, Cistus, Deutzia, Dichroa, Edgeworthia, Ferns, Forsythia, Fuchsia, Hebes, Hercules Lilies, Hydrangeas, Justicia rizzinii, Lobelia, Mackaya bella, Maderense geraniums, Phlomis, Robinia frisia, Salvia, Sarcococca, Weigela, and Wisteria.

We have also added drought-tolerant Australian plants to the garden that are available for sale, including: Boronia, Correa, Grevillea, Melaleuca, Teucrium, and Westringia.

(707) 872-5463
16250 Coleman Valley Road, Occidental CA, 95465
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