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Russian House #1 is a unique Restaurant, where the food is being served like at Home. It means that we do not have menus, nor fixed prices. Our food is being prepared with an inspiration every day, considering our favorite Russian recipes and healthy local produce.
Russian house#1 is a free cultural space and an experiment in new economics. Every day is different here, in Russian house, sometime it is a quiet place for a good conversation, sometimes we are roaring with folk or rock concerts, we do culinary classes and we love to take best cooking practices from our guests. (Yes! You are welcome to cook with us or to cook for us ))) We have a great puzzle collection and share puzzles and riddles with those who come. We organize talks and intellectual clubs. We do meditations every morning and have breathwork workshops from time to time. And much more …
Most of all, we are an intentional transformational community. Without engaging in any religion, we try to change our lives and we invite others to get out of their comfort zones and gain more freedom, wellness and wisdom. As a community we create: – a frontier restaurant with home-like concept of food-sharing, human communication, participation and sharing; – a space for cultural exchange (open mics, exhibition, special food days, movies, celebrations); – experiment in new economics; – an environment for personal and collective consciousness studies (riddles and puzzles for the public, breathworks, different meditations, mind-development and self-reflection cultivation practices, mindfulness as a path, Game Mastery as priority approach to life-problem solving) Russian house#1 is intended to become a PostNonClassical science Center.PostNonClassical science is something where the researcher includes himself or herself in the research system and obtains knowledge which is not separated from the researcher. The researcher experiences integration of himself or herself into the World. To comprehend on contrary with a classical science, in this case, means to integrate oneself with everything.
Welcome to meet with us! Any day any time! We are open for your experience !
Russian House #1 is a unique Restaurant, with Russian Homestyle food
Hw 1 9960 Jenner, California CA, 95450
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