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About us

Who we are
We are pilgrims on a journey–

We are a group of like-minded folks in a community of seekers. We seek to better understand our place in the universe, in God’s creation, in our immediate community here in Guerneville. We embrace the questions, knowing there is no one-size-fits-all answer. We can’t tell you what’s what, but we will walk with you on the journey.

What we believe
We are all God’s children

We take the bible seriously but not literally. We believe that God is still speaking, that God is continually revealed in our natural world and through each other. We also know that God loves us, each and every one of us, for exactly who we are, exactly as we are.

What to expect
We’d love to meet you!

We are a small church, so be prepared that if you get brave enough to join us some Sunday morning, you will be noticed. We are in the round, so you can’t hide in the back. We are casual. Okay, people dress in different ways, but your clothing matters not one bit. (We do ask that you wear something…) Folks will want to greet you and invite you to stay for coffee. Don’t believe them. It’s really lunch.

Where to find us
Three ways

You can find us gathered any Sunday morning at 11am at 14520 Armstrong Woods Road. We are just south of the school and about half a mile north of Coffee Bazaar.
You can hear us on the radio at 95.1 FM, KGGV, The Bridge.
You can also stream us live at
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14520 Armstrong Woods Road, PO Box 765, Guerneville CA, 95446
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