Monte Rio Recreation & Park District

Monte Rio

The Monte Rio Recreation & Park District’s mission is to provide opportunities for recreation through development of facilities and activities for residents and visitors while insuring stewardship of the land and water. General goals which express the intent for the District’s parks, open space and future trail systems include:

  • Enhance the quality of life in the community through multiple recreation opportunities.
  • Make all recreation facilities and activities accessible to all individuals, regardless of race, age, gender, religion, disabilities or income level.
  • Encourage economic growth in the area by increasing recreational opportunities that will attract tourists to the District.
  • Increase revenue for the District by expanding the District through annexation of adjacent areas now being served by the District (but not currently in this District or other adjacent recreation districts).
  • Celebrate the special community history and character of Monte Rio.
  • Maximize park and recreation resources through positive working relationships, partnering, and collaborative efforts with other public agencies, nonprofit organizations and the private sector.
  • Pursue a variety of financing mechanisms for the acquisition, development, long-term operations and maintenance of the parks, trails and recreation systems.
  • Monitor any actions and/or policies that will affect water quality, water flow and beach use and take appropriate actions to protect, preserve and enhance the recreational values of the Russian River.

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